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    I'm Amanda, 29, living in Syracuse, NY. A grad student, barista, traveler who is trying to achieve health and balance in 2011. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Contact me at Amanda [at] amandasathenaeum [dot] com.
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I am contemplating joining WeightWatchers again.  I have done it in the past and gotten down to my lowest ever weight (and a size 8 clothing!).  I also see all these amazing bloggers who have lost weight on it.  And I like the new system, which would really encourage me to continue with eating healthy.

My big problem is portion control and I really like the in-person support that WW provides.  As much as I like SparkPeople, I am thinking I need to have that accountability of going to a meeting each week.

What are your thoughts on WW?  Is it worth the cost?  Has it worked for you?


One Response

  1. It worked for me a few years ago when they had a different system.

    It didn’t work for me last year on the new plan and didn’t work a few weeks ago. But that’s not WW’s fault. It’s me, I’m sick of counting calories or Points or whatever. I’m sick of dieting so I gave up on that.

    But it’s still the program I liked best of everything I’ve tried in the past years.

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