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    I'm Amanda, 29, living in Syracuse, NY. A grad student, barista, traveler who is trying to achieve health and balance in 2011. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Contact me at Amanda [at] amandasathenaeum [dot] com.
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3 Things Thursday: Blah Edition

3 Ways I’ve Felt This Week

  1. Blah
  2. Ugh
  3. Sleepy

3 Things That Have Happened This Week

  • I Got a Library Job!!! (More to come in another post)
  • I’ve viewed 4 apartments.  More to come…  Need a 2 bedroom, STAT, now that we know we’re staying in the area
  • I haven’t exercised at all.  Tried yesterday and today, but the school gym was closed early for Spring Break Hours (8pm yesterday, 6pm today).  Spring Break begins Saturday.  Seriously SU???  I need to get a gym membership.

3 Plans For This Weekend

  • Run at least 3 miles tomorrow and 5 on Sunday for my 2 virtual 5Ks
  • Work, work, work (at least Fri and Sat.  Trying to get out of Sunday, otherwise no days off this week:-()
  • Celebration date night with Aaron Friday, then group meeting and out for drinks Saturday

One Response

  1. Hey, you won my giveaway! :) Email me your address and I’ll get it to you…eventually. LOL

    Hope you’re having a good week!

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