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    I'm Amanda, 29, living in Syracuse, NY. A grad student, barista, traveler who is trying to achieve health and balance in 2011. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Contact me at Amanda [at] amandasathenaeum [dot] com.
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3 Things Thursday: Blah Edition

3 Ways I’ve Felt This Week

  1. Blah
  2. Ugh
  3. Sleepy

3 Things That Have Happened This Week

  • I Got a Library Job!!! (More to come in another post)
  • I’ve viewed 4 apartments.  More to come…  Need a 2 bedroom, STAT, now that we know we’re staying in the area
  • I haven’t exercised at all.  Tried yesterday and today, but the school gym was closed early for Spring Break Hours (8pm yesterday, 6pm today).  Spring Break begins Saturday.  Seriously SU???  I need to get a gym membership.

3 Plans For This Weekend

  • Run at least 3 miles tomorrow and 5 on Sunday for my 2 virtual 5Ks
  • Work, work, work (at least Fri and Sat.  Trying to get out of Sunday, otherwise no days off this week:-()
  • Celebration date night with Aaron Friday, then group meeting and out for drinks Saturday

3 Things Thursday: Linked Edition

  1. Have you checked out Zoë’s awesome Love YOUrself challenge results posting?  It’s fantastic!  Great message full of  great runners.
  2. Hot Potato Running is sponsoring a virtual 5K for Christchurch, New Zealand, to raise money to help those hurt in the earthquake.  It is taking place March 12-13 and I highly recommend participating.  Only $5!  So much less than any other 5K race.
  3. And an awesome post by eat the damn cake that is brilliant.  It discusses some famous blogs and what she (and a lot of the rest of us, myself included), are doing wrong, that we aren’t one of them.

3 Things Thursday

  1. I am overwhelmed and behind.  On most everything.  This post by Kerri explains it perfectly.
  2. My foot hasn’t been doing well this week.  Ever since my ankle sprain my foot has been what really hurts.  Apparently it’s because my gait changes, so I feel it in my arch.  I only made it 1/2 a mile today and even then barely kept from crying in pain.  I really need this to be better by next Saturday, when I have my 4 mile race…
  3. I started a new internship this week at the Erie Canal Museum.  Loving it!  It is excited to see that I really have learned over the past 1.5+ years in grad school and can bring relevant, useful information to projects out in the field.

Three Things Thursday

  1. Keep Running13.1 because I'm Only Half CrazyLook at my amazing bumper stickers (Images taken from their respective blogs & linked to them)!  I’ve hung them up on my motivation board, with my 5K number, the V-Day card from Zoë, and other random happy stuff.  Thank you so much ladies!!!
  2. Still watching the Biggest Loser.  Cara’s voice is going to push me over the edge…  Combine that with her being an actress and not a trainer, and really she just needs to be a one-season wonder.  So loving the black team and how they keep kicking scale butt!  The red team is so arrogant, I really can’t cheer for them.
  3. Recently finished A Homemade Life(Aff.) by Molly Wizenberg.  Fantastic!  The story of her life, told in chapters about recipes.  Each recipe looks amazing and the story makes it hard to put the book down.  Highly recommended!

3 Things Thursday: Book Edition

book shelf(Source)

I am a Reader.  Definitely with a capital “R”.  Whatever I get interested in, I start reading about obsessively.  Lately, it’s been healthy living, running and memoirs about the above.

1. Yesterday I finished Thin is the New Happy by Valerie Frankel.  A very easy read, and one that makes you want to finish.  I actualkly remember this article from Self about her naked photo shoot that she discusses in her book.  Frankel was taught from an early age to have a bad body image from her mother and wrote this book about how she tried to give up negative thoughts and past baggage to finally lose weight and feel good about herself.  One of the things that bothered me is she was never all that fat.  I think a size 14 was her highest, which made some of how she talked about herself really bother me.  It is so sad that a woman who was average to thin in todays society had such negative self-esteem.  My favorite part is reading about her clothing transformation, which I will discuss at length in a post later this week.  She’s friends with Stacy London, who helped her dress correctly for her body.  Soooo jealous.

2. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  This book is fantastic.  Each month for a year Gretchen chose one aspect of her life to work on to become a happier and more joyful person.  It made me think about my happiness and my year of balance and how connected they are.  You can start your own Happiness Project at her blog.

3. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid. I love reading books where the ending is not the perfect one expected.  Shauna never reaches her goal weight in the book, but she does find happiness, self-worth and a husband.  She is easy to relate to and highly motivational.

I highly recommend adding these books to your reading queue, either through buying (Amazon links included, I get a small amount of money for you buying, your price is the same) or through the library (the way I read all of these:-)).

Any books you have loved reading lately?  Comment below!

3 Things Thursday

“E” is for exercise…
  1. Bronchitis sucks (Sorry for the language).  One week later and I still have coughing fits and breathing problems in the cold.  Luckily, I can exercise again!  Not too hard, but I’ll take what I can get.
  2. Orange is my favorite color, so I really liked the book photograph above.  Even my car is bright orange:-)
  3. I have been reading The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I LOVE it and need to find a gym at school with real weights so that I can start the program ASAP!

3 Things Thursday

popcorn kernels(Source)

  1. Air-popped popcorn is my snack of choice.  Put a little Parmesan cheese and Frank’s Red Hot on it and it is delicious and healthy.
  2. This is my last free weekend for the next few months.  Classes start again on Tuesday.  I am taking 3 grad classes and a 2-credit internship.
  3. I lost 2.4 pounds this past week!  Upped the exercise and food tracking… and it worked:-)
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