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    I'm Amanda, 29, living in Syracuse, NY. A grad student, barista, traveler who is trying to achieve health and balance in 2011. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Contact me at Amanda [at] amandasathenaeum [dot] com.
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  • Fitness Training Log
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Mountain Goat Run Training

I have obviously gone insane.  I am training for the Mountain Goat 10 mile run with Team Believe.  Raising money for the parents of children in Crouse Hospital’s NICU to pay for parking and food, if they can’t afford it.

I’m not worried about the 10 miles.  I’m not even worried about the hills or how last year it was 94 * and people were dropping like flies.  I am worried about the 2 hour and 10 minute course time.  13 minute miles.  For 10 miles.  I have been getting faster through speed work.  15 minute miles are now normal with 10 minute miles intervals.  I kick butt on downhills and can go 7.5 mph for the whole trip down.  So that should help balance out my mad slow uphills.

Training begins this week.  Did 3 miles last night.  Doing 3 miles today.  5.75 miles Friday, Saturday or Sunday, depending on what’s happening in Buffalo (I’m visiting my mom).  Hill repeats tomorrow.  Lots of hill repeats for the next few weeks.

I know I can… I know I can… I know I can…  It’s for such an important cause and completing the race, even if I’m too slow and my time doesn’t count, will be such a confidence builder.  Thinking Providence Half Marathon training next…


Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run Race Recap

Yesterday I did race #2 of the year, the 4 mile Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run.  I was a bit nervous, as my ankle has been acting weird the past couple weeks, and the course is very hilly.  It was a windy and rainy day, but the temperature was nice for running.

It was a big race, about 3000 participants, with people dressed in fun St. Patrick’s Day outfits.  Very well organized (until mile 4…) with bands playing at all the pubs in the areas and neighborhood people out cheering.

I started off really well, completing the first two miles in under a half hour and feeling good.  I followed my plan to walk the uphills, run the downhills and jog the straights.  Then came mile 3, which was uphill.  For a mile.  Against the wind.  Ugh.  I slowed way down here.  I was definitely pushing myself and made it to top eventually.  Mile 4 was confusing as the volunteer had apparently decided they were finished directing people, so we didn’t know which was to go and had to ask people who were walking back to their cars, which really killed my time and my mood.  Mile 4 was also pretty hilly, but nowhere near

My training runs where I now really push at the end helped me sprint to the finish, which was much nicer than my last race, where i felt like I was going to die by the end.

Final stats were:

4 miles, 1:07:30, 16:53 pace

Garmin had me at 4.12 miles, 1:08:07, 16:32 pace (was probably the same time as the chip, I forgot to turn it off when I crossed the finish line).  As we can see, I need to work on my weaving, having added .12 miles to the 4 mile race.  (No split times as I hadn’t set up my Garmin correctly.  It is now set to lap on each mile).

I am really happy with my time.  My first race, one month ago, had my pace as 17:16.  This was a flat, easy course.  To see how much my training has paid off is very motivating.  If this had been a flat course I believe I would have completed it in under an hour.

Bling received was a tech t-shirt, a towel (which will really come in handy at the gym) and St. Patrick’s Day beads.

3 Things Thursday

  1. I am overwhelmed and behind.  On most everything.  This post by Kerri explains it perfectly.
  2. My foot hasn’t been doing well this week.  Ever since my ankle sprain my foot has been what really hurts.  Apparently it’s because my gait changes, so I feel it in my arch.  I only made it 1/2 a mile today and even then barely kept from crying in pain.  I really need this to be better by next Saturday, when I have my 4 mile race…
  3. I started a new internship this week at the Erie Canal Museum.  Loving it!  It is excited to see that I really have learned over the past 1.5+ years in grad school and can bring relevant, useful information to projects out in the field.

A Package from Korea

Journal J(Source)

My new calendar arrived today!  Shipped all the way from Korea (I bought it on eBay) and I am loving it already!!!  I read about the Journal J on The SHU Box (an awesome blog!) and was really impressed by the room available each week to write my to-do lists right next to the calendar.  It is all about being a journal for your journey of life.  An awesome message in my opinion.  I also love the little smiley face bookmarks:-)  Mine is the brown/teal shown in the picture.

Yesterday I walked up a great big hill.  I put the treadmill on 10-15% incline, then slowly walked up it (I was worried I’d fall off if I jogged).  The last couple minutes I decreased the incline and sprinted (6mph) to try to teach my legs to go all out at the end.  I had begun the night on the stairmaster, but after 5 minutes I felt like my legs were going to fall off.  I made it to 7 minutes and will work on increasing that weekly.

Tonight I am going to do a 3 mile WATP DVD and some strength work (maybe a resistance band video).  Hope everyones week is going well!

Top 5 First 5K Feelings

Completing my first 5K this past weekend I felt… in chronological order…

  1. Terrified.  Imagine standing at the back of a group of runners at your first ever 5K.  You weigh a lot more than most of them.  You’re in sweatpants and a t-shirt amid leggings and cool-max shirts.  You know you won’t be able to keep up and just keep hoping you can complete the 3.1 miles.
  2. Humbled.  I ran an out-and-back race.  I went approximately .75 miles and the winners (who ran the whole race in just over 16 minutes) pass me on their way to the finish.  As I near the half-way point, pretty much the whole group of racers pass.  Ugh.  Humbling is putting it mildly.
  3. Empowered.  As I got to the 2 mile mark, I knew I was going to finish this thing.  I started smiling.  I kept thinking how amazing it was that I could finish this.  3.1 miles is pretty far and I was going to run the whole thing.  Go me!  I rock!
  4. Confident.  I DID it!  If I can do this, I can do anything!  With hard work, positive thinking and determination I can reach all my goals.
  5. Ambitious.  I made it to the end, faster than I had hoped and not in last place, but I want more.  I want to run a 45 minute 5K and, someday, one in under 30 minutes.  I want to run a 10K, a half marathon, a marathon.  I want to lose weight so that I will speed up and be able to wear cute running skirts.  I even signed up for a 4-miler next month.

Super Couch Potato 5K Race Report

I completed my first ever 5K yesterday!

The First Annual Super Couch Potato 5K began at 10:00am on Super Bowl Sunday.  I woke up to pretty good weather.


We headed to Onondaga Lake Park to pick up my packet, got my number pinned on, winter-ized up and then wandered down to the starting area.  My Garmin wouldn’t turn on, despite my charging it all night.  Not sure what went wrong, but I was disappointed.  I bought it after I finished the C25K program for my first 5K and then couldn’t use it.

At the beginning of the race

I stood at the back of the pack, so that I wasn’t that annoying slow person at the front, and waited for the race to start.  We had about 8″ of snow and sleet the night before, so the track was slushy/snowy/icy, which I have never run in before.  Kind of like sand, only with the worry of slipping.  The first 10 minutes or so of the race were the hardest.  As the pack took off without me and I had to slow to a walk for a bit as I started off too fast, not turning around was the hardest thing ever.  But I kept going.

About a quarter way in to my race, the winners of the 5K came streaming past me (the race was out and back).  I loved the people who told me “good job” and “you can do it” as they were on their way back to the finish.  If you are one of those fast people, please be friendly to those who are slower.  It gave me a renewed energy, a reason to smile and actually seemed to make me speed up.  Thank you to all those racers who did!!!


53 minutes and 37 seconds later I finished!  I was not in last place and I beat my hour goal.  Plus, since it was my first ever 5K, I PR’d;-)  I also ran nearly the whole way.  I think I only slowed down to a walk after I started too fast and at the water station that was half-way.  After I finished, I was shocked that my legs couldn’t stop.  They were enjoying the movement, so we headed up to the car.


I received this nice hat for completing the race.  My goals are to increase my speed (a 5K in under 45 minutes), keep up training for a 4 mile race next month and keep eating healthy to lose some more weight, which I think will also help my speed.  I may join the beginners running program at Fleet Feet for help with the speed part or maybe redo Couch to 5K with faster intervals.

Completing this was was more empowering and confidence building than I could have ever imagined.  As I reached the finish line I knew I could accomplish anything and, that with hard work, I will.

Suck it up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K

Suck It Up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K

My first virtual 5K.  Which I did on the last possible day.  Because I am a procrastinator.  BAD.

So I went to the school gym, because it is all cold and icy still in lovely Syracuse.  Well, it definitely was not cold in there.  In fact, I walked in and started sweating, it was so hot.  Got on the treadmill, started my warm-up and started sweating even more.  No fans, no air moving, just me and a bunch of sorority girls (on the elliptical, of course), sweating to the beat of my warming up footsteps.

Then I got off the treadmill and left.  Major fail.  I went less than a half mile.  However, I WAS going to do my 5K, I just needed to figure out how.  After much deliberation, I went home, popped in Leslie Sansone’s 3 mile walk and did that.  So I got in just over 5K, in approximately 50 minutes.

I am not going to count it for one of the 12 races I want to do this year, as I did most of it walking in place in my living room, but I am glad that I know I can go that distance and that I did not quit, which would have been so easy to do.  In the future, I am going to try to beat my procrastinating nature and do these at the beginning of the month/week/whatever, so that if I have a problem, I will have time to fix it…

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