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    I'm Amanda, 29, living in Syracuse, NY. A grad student, barista, traveler who is trying to achieve health and balance in 2011. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Contact me at Amanda [at] amandasathenaeum [dot] com.
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Back On Track

The past couple weeks have been anything but balanced.  Working & interning all the time, eating out constantly, lots of binging, not so much exercise.  I always take on too much, too fast.

So now I’m stepping back.

Back to C25K.  I did this last spring and loved it.  I’m starting it again, because I want to really increase my speed and get a better aerobic base.

Back to Weight Watchers.  I haven’t done that one in a long time.  It’s what got me to my lowest weight ever (and size 8 pants) back in college.  I love the free fruits and that the points values actually fit more with healthy, whole, real  foods good, processed crap, not so much.  Hoping also it will help with my binging.  Went to my first meeting yesterday.  The leader rocks and the members seem really nice.

Back to weight training.  I love lifting weights.  It makes me feel strong.  Following the New Rules of Lifting for Women book.

Back to making time for myself.  Reading, blogging, genealogy, travel and hanging out with my husband and friends.  All work and no play makes Amanda a very dull girl indeed.

Today I took off.  Woke up with an awful headache (which started yesterday and is not going away), so I called in to my internship.  Then I found out class was canceled.  Amazing!  Just taking it easy.  Cuddling with my husband.  Reading books and magazines and blogs.  Looking up fun WW recipes.  Going to try to exercise some tonight, maybe a WATP video or 30 Day Shred.  Watch Grey’s Anatomy.  Go to be early (work at 6:30am tomorrow).  Turning into a lovely day.



I am contemplating joining WeightWatchers again.  I have done it in the past and gotten down to my lowest ever weight (and a size 8 clothing!).  I also see all these amazing bloggers who have lost weight on it.  And I like the new system, which would really encourage me to continue with eating healthy.

My big problem is portion control and I really like the in-person support that WW provides.  As much as I like SparkPeople, I am thinking I need to have that accountability of going to a meeting each week.

What are your thoughts on WW?  Is it worth the cost?  Has it worked for you?

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